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Meet The Team

Team Pru’s Shoes



Bespoke Resin Artist

Hi I’m Donya, the owner and resin artist here at Pru’s Shoes. I absolutely love getting to know the people, animals and stories behind the keepsakes I make, I really do have the best job in the world :)


Admin/Assistant Extraordinarie

 Vicky is the oil that keeps everything moving...I honestly couldn’t do it without her :)

From answering messages and enquiries to sorting the incoming post and going to the post office, Vicky does it all leaving me the time to work on all of your keepsakes. She hasn’t actually got a specific job role which is good for me as I like to send her out on little foraging hunts looking for flowers and other random tasks occasionally ;)



The Boss

Pru the boss...20years old and he’s still got it ;) I owe this horse everything...he’s an Arabian ex racehorse and as feisty as they come...his main jobs include being the boss, bucking and generally being an old grump.



When you’ve had a crappy day Thunder is the one you go and see...he’s 12hh of overgrown Labrador, proper annoying but guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)

His main role is eating.

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